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CyberSecurity for a New America Conference: Big Ideas for the Future of CyberSecurity

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 CyberSecurity for a New America Conference: Big Ideas for the Future of CyberSecurity

WhiteHawk CEO, Terry Roberts, recently moderated a panel addressing 'Big Ideas for the Future of CyberSecurity' at the CyberSecurity for a New America Conference in Washington, DC.

Panelists included Eva Galperin, Director of CyberSecurity at the Electronic Frontier Foundation, Kristi Rogers, Managing Partner at Principal to Principal, Bobbie Stempfley, Director of CyberSecurity Implementation at The MITRE Corporation, and Herb Lin, Senior Research Scholar at the Center for International Security and Cooperation and Hank J. Holland Fellow in Cyber Policy and Security at the Hoover Institution at Stanford University.

The panel discussed CyberSecurity ideas and initiatives that fit with the current administration's focus. An overall theme that emerged was the need to change the narrative and create a cultural shift to get people thinking about and demanding CyberSecurity baked into their products and services and to place an emphasis on CyberSecurity education at all levels.

Additional themes that emerged from the panel include:

  • Linking communication about CyberSecurity with the economic growth and stability;

  • Thinking about CyberSecurity enablement in relation to the population as a whole - people at a disadvantage;

  • Making security a default;

  • Viewing CyberSecurity as multidimensional vice a technical only issue; and

  • A failure on the part of the market to provide adequate CyberSecurity foundations.

The full panel can be viewed here.

More information on the panelists and conference can be found here.