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An Independent Audit That Identifies Weaknesses in Your Cyber Defense

CIO’s, Executive Teams, CEO’s and BOD’s have to know how a cyberattack can impact them and what to do first to prevent revenue and reputational loss from an adversary. Whether you are cyber sophisticated or a novice, cybercriminals are always targeting your weaknesses. The Cyber Risk Program stress tests your company to identify holes in your cyber defense and then we work with you to mitigate risks before adversaries exploit them.

  • Independent Audit & Assessment

    We stress test your internal and external defense systems and give you the context and key takeaways you need to defend your business and supply chain.

  • Comprehensive & Customizable

    This annual SaaS subscription is scalable to any size company and has a broad range of features including real-time red team assessments and dark net monitoring.

  • Continuous Monitoring & Prioritization

    Identify and rank your risk indicators so you know how to efficiently and effectively manage your resources.

Features & Benefits

  • An independent assessment by a second set of expert eyes
  • Accountable to the Executive Team & BOD, leveraged by the CIO/CISO Team
  • Global reach while tailored and scaled to any size organization or company
  • Start with cyber risk monitoring and risk indicator prioritization going back one year
  • Quarterly delivery of an Executive Level Cyber Risk Scorecard summation report
  • Leverage a real-time Red Team Assessment to validate all discovered and sector wide risk indicators
  • As appropriate, conduct a Dark Net Assessment of potentially lost or stolen data sets
  • Get actionable, semi-annual assessment which matches best of breed solutions to validated risks

WhiteHawk Cyber Risk Program

An Independent Adversary View of an Enterprise’s Cyber Risk