Business and Technology Writer

Reports to | Director of Product Development and Services
Location | D.C. Metro

Job Purpose:

** We have openings for both full-time and freelance experienced Business and Technology Writers.**

These positions will report directly to the Deputy Chief Operating Officer. These people will develop and execute WhiteHawk’s content strategy. These people will be responsible for generating the majority of WhiteHawk’s original CyberSecurity content and for managing strategic partnerships with outside content providers. The ideal candidates will have a strong background in CyberSecurity and/or technology writing, at least an intermediate understanding of using data analysis to understand customer segments and their content needs, and superior attention to detail. These candidates will also have a sophisticated understanding of content distribution on all social media platforms and publications.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • With the Deputy Chief Operating Officer, set WhiteHawk content objectives, strategies and execution methods
  • With the entire WhiteHawk Team, develop, create, evolve, refine and advance a portfolio of content offerings, in coordination with WhiteHawk’s online launch timelines
  • Vet, select, and implement suitable analytical and reporting methodologies that effectively target and address customer CyberSecurity information needs
  • Design and customize a replicable process for content generation, curation, and dissemination that addresses the information needs of WhiteHawk’s target customer markets
  • Establish content partnerships and data feeds with best of breed CyberSecurity content providers
  • Set a content strategy and schedule that maximizes exposure on social channels, trade and professional journals and mainstream media
  • Monitor changes or advancements in WhiteHawk’s content offerings to ensure innovation and a continued competitive advantage
  • Analyze the costs, value, and risks of the WhiteHawk content strategy to advise management and suggest optimal actions
  • Produce monthly deep dives (2-5 page posts) on a variety of topics
  • Generate at least two 500 word posts weekly on a variety of CyberSecurity topics


  • Strong background in CyberSecurity and/or technology writing and content generation.
  • Strong understanding of data analysis and reporting techniques
  • Experience designing and implementing a content strategy for a CyberSecurity and/or technology company
  • Understanding of the basics of information security, risk and vulnerability assessments, cryptography, information architecture, network defense, prevention, mitigation and response
  • Experience writing for both lay and technical audiences and possess very strong attention to detail
  • Ability to advance the WhiteHawk content strategy and grow the business by generating customer satisfaction and demand for the breadth of content offerings
  • Experience in visuals and video production and editing desirable
  • Excellent knowledge of data analytics and tailored reporting
  • Positive and effective organizational and leadership skills
  • Copy and editing experience
  • 3-5 years of relevant experience

If this sounds like you, please send your cover letter and resume to We hope you will join us!